First Birthday Party

We hired the services of D Mixmaster Brown for our son’s first birthday party and he was simply fantastic. First, he was very accommodating of the initial change in date and time. Secondly, he was very professional in all our correspondence before, during and after the party. Thirdly, he arrived on time to set up.
All the guests – adults and children had fun on the dance floor. He played music that was appropriate to both children and adults and I definitely think his services added value to the party as all our guests reported having fun! We even had to ask him to stay an extra hour – guess we just loved the music.
Finally I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who may require DJ services.

Thank you DJ MixmasterBrown.

@AlexiLalas Comment About African Teams In The World Cup

It was earlier circulated on facebook and twitter that former American Soccer player @AlexiLalas made a statement that “No African team will make it to the next round of the World Cup 2014 taking place in Brazil”

So i got in touch with @AlexiLalas about the supposedly comment.
See a screenshot of the dialogue below:
























@AlexiLalas has denied ever saying that no African team will make it out of the group stage of the 201$ World Cup (Brazil).

I personally want to apologize to @AlexiLalas for the wrong accusations because i should have known better by verifying before assuming or accusing him. Although i still have my reservations about his soccer analysis…

The N Word

Why is it okay for blacks to use the “N” word and not okay for whites? I think its absurd and unfair. Blacks use it a lot. I personally think its unfair. Even out of Africa (the black continent), I hear the “N” word on so many songs. And I wonder if they really know the actual meaning and significance of the word.

All am saying is “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” Period.

– Mixmasterbrown



Rasheedah & Damian Ogunsuyi’s Wedding

“We had American traditions and Nigerian traditions.  For the Nigerian traditions we wore traditional Benin attire, we had 3 separate outfits for the wedding and reception.  Our DJ (Dj Mixmasterbrown) played Nigerian and American music.  For dinner, we had Nigerian and American food.  We were sprayed with money all night as we danced.”


Who Is The Best Nigerian Dj According To Google?

Google is one of the five most popular websites in the world. Google is a web search engine that lets you find other sites on the web. We will be putting google to work in a minute.

Let’s ask google who the best Nigerian Deejay (dj) is. Go to and Type “who is the best Nigerian dj”? Come back here and type the result in the comment box below.

Nigerian Artists With Poor Stage Acts

reacting fans

Hi friends, I hope you are doing well and in good health? If not, be prayerful and keep your fingers crossed…. Pardon any typos or bad grammar in this article because it was typed/posted while in the restroom… Yes! I Said it. Like everyone doesn’t visit the restroom…. Lol

Let’s dive straight into today’s pressing issue which is the many Nigerian artists with terrible stage acts and performances.
Don’t get it twisted because I know we have a lot who know their onions when it comes to stage craft.

I chose this topic today because as a dj for over two decades and a consultant for the Calabar Festival, I have been opportuned to see the worst and best of Nigeria’s entertainers.
So as I was sitting on the “throne” all by myself reflecting on how some so called Nigerian entertainers get on stage to thrill fans but end up boring or annoying the fans.

Not everyone has experienced this but if you have, could you please share this ordeal/experience with us?
Be free to mention the event, artist and any other detail worth mentioning.

Lets turn up the fun!